Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home base: Seger Park

Playground: Seger
Location: 11th and Lombard (entrances on each)
Date visited: regularly during 2008-2009

Equipment: Three areas, divided by age:
  • An infant/toddler clamber zone with very low wooden slides and a crawling tunnel -- excellent for new crawlers et al.
  • A fenced toddler area for ages 1 to 5, with three slides (straight, twist, tunnel), jointed bridge, bucket swings, and some low cement clamber toys.
  • An area officially for 6+ with a larger jungle gym, again with several slides and a range of climbing stuff, with strap swings nearby
type: modern resin pieces; scale: large area with several zones
Ages: infant-middle school
Surface: rubber composite in play areas (very spongy in toddler area), paved elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 1 (toddlers), 2 (older kids)
Water: Y (drip and spray)
Other: dog park nearby (fun to watch), small grassy area, paved area; tennis courts, basketball courts, small rec. center
Access: dawn to dusk

Impressions: Very nice range of modern equipment, in good shape. Especially good for the littlest kids (unusually so), and for families with kids of several ages. Unfortunately, there's too much sun for most of the day on some of the main equipment (although margins and tiny tot area are more shady), including the water zone. Can get busy, but usually sane, except when daycare groups pass through. Plus: Convenient for combinaion with grocery trips (Whole Foods & Superfresh both nearby), special neighborhood events (like a Halloween costume party). Minuses: Lots of seeds in cold seasons stick to everything (clothes, strollers, etc.); clientele is very white (except for nannies). Also, watch young walkers on the swinging bridge, as the chains are a bit more widely spaced than current standards, leading to nervous parent moments there...
Special note: This park is planning an overhaul soon (schedule unknown) -- putting the tots into better shade is rumored to be a major goal.
Overall rating: 8 Update (Jan, 2013): Playground has been given a complete overhaul and just reopened. Still serves crawlers to older kids, but now with more modern rope-based climbing, stepping stones, and more. Update to water sprayground still to come.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Sabrina from Friends of Seger Park Playground here.

    Just a heads-up: We're holding our big annual SPRING CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL fundraiser on Sunday May 16, 11 am-3 pm (rain date Sunday May 23), and it's gonna be fun. Featuring food, moonbounces -- one for bigger kids, one for wee ones -- games, crafts, treats, music, a petting zoo, and even free tennis instruction for kids and adults! All proceeds go towards renovating Seger Park Playground. For more info about our organization, our events, and our renovation plans thus far:

    Thanks, and see you at the festival!

  2. Check out my new post on the renovated Seger Park: