Sunday, August 9, 2009

A hidden gem: Three Bears Park

Playground: Three Bears
Location: Delancy between 3rd and 4th (inside residential block)
Date visited: periodically during 2008-2009

Equipment: Bucket and strap swings, one large piece of equipment with several slides, a small climbing wall, jointed bridge, poles and bars, etc.; spaces under the playset reward toddler investigation (low tables, a door). Also, the granite bears statue can be climbed on.
type: modern resin and metal; scale: small area, one main play zone
Ages: infant to toddler (+)
Surface: Rubbery composite around equipment, slate elsewhere.
Shade(0-3): 1
Water: N
Other: Picnic-style tables, slate area nearby
Access: Dawn to dusk (no gates)

Impressions: Recently renovated park has very modern equipment for small children in a cozy sheltered neighborhood setting (long loved by many). When just a few kids are there, it feels neighborhoody and nice; when it's packed (a recent late-afternoon visit), can feel like a zoo, with kids fighting over toys and a wait for a swing. Plus: probably too small to attract daycare-type groups. Minus: swings hang very close to the ground, which is good for toddlers old enough to use the strap swings but tiring for parents pushing their tots in buckets.
Overall rating: 7

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