Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May be about done

If it's not obvious, this project appears to have reached an end. Our kid decided she was a little too old for a lot of playgrounds, and once she was in school, we were less inclined to spend every weekend on this single activity. There are a couple of visits hanging about that have never been blogged, and we might manage a surprise outing at some point just to fill in some of the under-represented zones, but in all likelihood our playground reviewing days are past. Luckily, we feel pretty good about the 150 or so playgrounds we managed to visit all over town, and especially for having put together a map of known and suspected playgrounds (recently made functional again!) for the benefit of other parents.

May all your obstacles be surmountable and all your hot days cooled with sprayers and shade!
Best, ACM, RSM, and MSMM