Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A colorful site: Hawthorne Cultural Center

Playground: Hawthorne
Location: 12th and Carpenter (entries on Carpenter)
Date visited: 8/8/09

Equipment: Two areas for slightly different ages:
  • Smaller kids get two low and one medium slide, different types of steps, a motionless bridge; bucket swings are nearby.
  • Larger kids get two slides, horizontal bars, strap swings nearby.
type: modern resin; scale: medium area
Ages: toddler - elementary
Surface: rubbery composite under equipment, tarmac elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 1 (mostly on benches and small swings)
Water: N
Other: basketball court, some tables, rec center, paved play space
Access: dawn to dusk (no gate)

Impressions: Decent but uninspired equipment. Cheery murals and a mosaic give the area character, but it doesn't feel like it would hold kids' atttention long (unless they were playing a ball-type game). The playground was clean when we visited, but there were bits of glass around grates and plates, which might mean parents should watch young explorers carefully. There was nobody here when we visited (on a Saturday afternoon) -- a symptom of August in South Philly? It's notable that the recreation center, while large and cheerful (including lots of glazed ceramic handprints from kids who were involved during its period of renovation), appears to have neither windows nor accessible doors...
Overall rating: 5

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  1. much improved park, kids can be a lil better behavied but a nice park for kids to play bball