Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hard to peg: Weccacoe Park

Playground: Weccacoe
Location: 4th and Catherine (entrance on Cath)
Date visited: 8/1/09

Equipment: Two assemblies, loosely divided by age:
  • Smaller kids area includes 3 slides, some climbing options.
  • Older kids area with bridge, horizontal bars, 2 slides etc.
There is also a zone with sets of bucket and strap swings.
type: modern resin; scale: large area with loosely separated zones
Ages: toddler to middle school-
Surface: rubbery composite around play structures
Shade(0-3): 1 (mostly in toddler area)
Water: N
Other: tenis courts, ping pong table (probably need own ball and paddles), rec center, extra paved play space. Queen Village Neighbors Association is headquartered in the rec. center building.
Access: dawn to dusk

Impressions: Pretty nice, seemingly underused playground, but may be effect of August vacations at time of our visit. Seems like it could hold a lot of busy kids pretty easily. Not an inspired mix of equipment -- our toddler was more interested in stomping puddles than in playing in the toddler zone. Nicely shady around the smaller kid equipment, but wide open elsewhere.
Overall rating: 6 [but hard to say without seeing usual traffic]

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