Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simpson playground: Aesthetically appealing corner of Frankford, with particularly good play options for littler kids

Playground: Simpson
Location: Arrott St. at Northwood St. (near Castor Ave.)
Date visited: 8/4/11
  • Playset for smaller kids (large): platform-style with a long bridge, 4 ladders, 2 slides. Also in the smaller-kid zone is a dolphin "hobby horse" that actually works (a rarity) and 4 bucket swings
  • Playset for bigger kids (small): platform-style with steps, 3 ladders, a long metal slide, and a firepole. 2 strap swings nearby
Ages: 1-8
Surface: rubberized around play equipment
Shade(0-3): 1 (just a bit on the fringe of each zone)
Water: Sort of/maybe (there is a pool nearby, and also a sprinkler pole in the center of a 10-foot wide circular pool (6 inches deep) that was full when visited, but I couldn't tell if it was rainwater or from recent use, nor if the drain was just clogged)
Other: rec center, pool, basketball court, baseball field, park across the street
Access: rec center hours (9 AM-10:30 PM in summer, 2-10:30 PM otherwise)

Impressions: Very pleasant setting with the two play areas wrapped around the rec center, surrounded by other large open areas, especially the tree-filled park across the (fairly busy) street. Equipment is in decent shape (though some graffiti and wear to the rubberized ground-surface): nothing superlative, but a solid set of options, especially for little kids. Bigger kids might find the play options limited, but maybe they'd be in the pool while their smaller siblings took advantage of the playground?
Overall rating: 7 (probably an 8 for smaller kids)


  1. Be honest, this area needs to be updated. Kids and parents love this Rec ctr, so we over look how run down it is. The staff is great, with Steve leading the way. Then, they bring in an awesome summer staff for the camp, with Ms. Angie as the director. The staff and the kids deserve a better.

  2. I'm sure you're right. Sounds like you're a regular whereas we've just been once so far. We liked the range of equipment and the setting, but "run down" sounds right and worth addressing for such a well-populated playground as you describe it. Hope it happens soon!