Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ferko: Quite extensive playground in a massive park in Juniata

Playground: Ferko playground and sprayground
Location: Cayuga St. and J St.
Date visited: 8/4/11
  • Big rambly platform-style playset with multiple stations connected by bridges (or, in one case, raised stepping stools). Lots of ladders (maybe 8?), including two "submarine-style" where you climb up through a 360-degree ladder to a platform above and a few other novel types (including one that twists 180-degrees along its length). Has 1 tall turning slide and 3 small slides, and a set of monkey-bar loops that follows a quarter-circle bend.
  • Swings in a separate zone -- 3 strap swings and 2 bucket swings (1 seemed broken)
Ages: 1-1/2 to 9 years old
Surface: rubberized around play area
Shade(0-3): 2
Water: Y (colorful sprayground)
Other: Rec center, tree-filled park, ballfield, sprayground (not on when visited at 11:30 AM on a summer Thursday)
Access: surrounded by low fence, but probably open at all times (though presumably only dawn-to-dusk allowed).

Impressions: The playground in the middle of a very large park zone (at least 6 blocks long) and that plus the effect of the multiple stations in the play equipment makes for very good aesthetics. The equipment itself is pretty extensive with a few novel features, but is showing quite a lot of wear. The sprayground seems quite new and is a major plus when it's on (it wasn't when we visited).
Overall rating: 8

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