Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hancock Playground: a minor gem in Kensington

Playground: Hancock Playground
Location: Master (EW) and Hancock (NS), enter on Hancock
Date visited: 5/8/11

  • Big-kid playset: multiple platforms, accessible by steps or 5 ladders (two quarter-circles (one quite large) plus a coil, a zigzag, and a straight); one very tall fire-pole, and one large multibump plastic slide, which unfortunately was not at all slippery
  • Little-kid playset: several platforms accessible by 4 ladders (including quarter-circle and zig-zag), with 3 small slides and a wall decorated as a fire truck with steering wheel
  • 4 strap swings, 2 bucket swings
  • metal merry-go-round (could fit 6-8 kids at once)
  • teeter-totter
Ages: 1-10
Surface: rubberized around play areas
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: No
Other: pool, rec center, basketball court, baseball field
Access: whole block surrounded by tall fence, with chainable entry gate on Hancock St.; posted hours are 7 AM-9:30 PM. For what it's worth, it was open on a Sunday at 10ish, so that's a good sign

Impressions: More-than-average set of equipment, all in pretty good shape, and a good amount of space (within a rec space that is itself quite spacious). The "extras" are nice -- the merry-go-round, the teeter-totter -- and the two playsets themselves are more than the standard fare. It's too bad that the one slide for the big-kid zone was so much less fun than it looked (maybe more slippery pants would help, but I'm skeptical).
Overall rating: 8

1 comment:

  1. Cool equipment, very well kept and the smaller than average space between rungs perfect for toddlers who climb. theres a pool there, but its closed this time of year.

    only draw back was it was completely deserted on this early september day, which was kind of creepy. but still fun!