Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finnegan Playground: Small, but some novel features

Playground: Donald Finnegan
Location: Wharton between 30th and 29th
Date visited: 5/15/11

Equipment:* 1 playset (4 ladders -- one a quarter-circle -- steps, elevated crawl-through tunnel, 2 slides), large U-shaped ladder bridge from playset to a 7-ft high platform (which is also accessible by a tall ladder and coil ladder, but hard to get down from for younger kids), 4 strap swings
Ages: 1.5-9
Surface: rubberized
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: No
Other: 2 basketball courts, 1 baseball field, rec center
Access: Weekdays and Saturday mornings (according to posted sign)

Impressions: Playground is of limited scope, but in reasonable shape, and U-ladder is a novel addition.
Overall rating: 6

* Edit: Note that there are two playground areas here, separated by the rec. center -- one is obvious from Wharton and the other from 30th Street. Unfortunately, we realized this only after leaving; thus the above review refers only to the SE of the two playground zones.

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