Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two playgrounds in one: Comegys

Playground: 48th & Woodland Park/Comegys Sprayground
Location: between 47th & 48th, Woodland and Grey's Ferry (enter on 47th for playground, but gates on many sides)
Date visited: 8/1/10 (Sunday morning)

Equipment: Essentially two playgrounds: a standard one north of the rec. center, and a sprayground to the south (past the basketball courts). We could only visit the former and look longingly at the latter (will update if we get back):
  1. One multilevel playset with a low curved and high spiral slide (both plastic), lots of climbing, etc. (but no simple stairs for the youngest set). Modern resin + metal, but a little weathered. There's also a small "space ship" for climbing up into (ladder in the middle, can walk around the "pod" at 3-4 ft height). A set of swings nearby, with 3 straps and 4 buckets.

  2. Sprayground looks quite colorful and inventive, with taller poles appearing as palm trees and saguaro cactus, and large arches of metal evoking the possibility of a variety of sprays to run under. No grates for out-of-ground squirters, though, so perhaps not for tiny tots, and not even a hint of shelter from the sun. Nothing seen in action at the time of our visit.
Scale: 2 small sections of a large park.
Ages: equipment 2-7; water zone ??
Surface: playground, rubbery; sprayground, cement
Shade(0-3): playground 2; sprayground 0
Water: Y!
Other: basketball courts, baseball field, huge expanse of extra grass (soccer?), blacktop area, picnic tables
Access: park as a whole has long hours, but the sprayground has its own fence and hours: M-F, 1-6; Sat, 11-6 (closed Sun).

Impressions: The play equipment was clean and functional, the shade is nice, and the rec. center is covered in colorful art. But there's not much draw to the playground itself (and it didn't hold our toddler's attention for long) -- the magic in the colorful pipes of the sprayground. Will have to see later whether those are as fun in action as in repose...
Overall rating: 6

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