Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colorful but tired: DiSilvestro playground

Playground: DiSilvestro
Location: 15th and Morris
Date visited: 8/15/10

Equipment: Two zones, a few yards apart:
  • Tot zone has one playset, 3-4-foot platforms, some climbing (including steps and a "barrel stave" ladder), small arched bridge, and two metal slides. Also 4 bucket swings in this area.

  • Kid zone has 4-5-foot platform complex with fun mesh crawl tunnel, arched bridge, two metal slides of different heights, and several climbing and sliding poles. Also 4 strap swings here.
material: modern resin & metal; scale of space: med zone in smallish paved park.
Ages: 1-6
Surface: rubbery around equipment; blacktop elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: N
Other: basketball courts, hopscotch and more blacktop, colorful small rec. center
Access: summer: 9am-10:30pm; winter: 2pm-10:30pm

Impressions: Colorful and inviting from a distance, but a little underinspired and under-maintained, plus metal slides with no shade mean it's hard to get the most from what is there. Nothing to pull you from any distance, although there's lots of space to kick a ball or practice skateboarding, and the neighborhood is pleasantly multiethnic and multinational.
Note: bubble tea and bahn mi (Vietnamese hoagies) available across the street.
Overall rating: 6

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