Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In need of some love: Dickinson Square playground

Playground: Dickinson Square park
Location: Between Morris and Tasker, 3rd and 4th
Date visited: 8/15/10

Equipment: Two formal play structures:
  • Smaller tot piece has a double plastic and single metal slide, various ladders and steps

  • Larger kid piece has a stretch of monky bars, a fireman's pole, single metal slide and spiral plastic slide.
There's also a free-standing metal piece here that may have been intended as a climbing object or as a sculpture, but is clearly being used as both; it's a challenging steep cone to climb, with rings at the top to hang onto/from. There are two areas that used to have swings: one has the metal frame but no swings or chains, and the other just has the rubbery surface and guard rails but no structure there at all.
material: weathered version of modern resin and metal; space: med play space in broader open park
Ages: 1-10
Surface: rubbery around equipment; blacktop and grass elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 3
Water: N
Other: Basketball courts, a padded loop (for bikes and skateboards?), grassy and paved areas, some sort of rec-center-ish building (Parson's Center)
Access: 6am-10pm (open park)

Impressions: Grassy neighborhood park has a small shady playground surrounded by a low stone wall, and lots of grassy space and benches. During our Sunday-noon visit, families and kids played with rubber balls and wagons on the basketball court, dug in some dirt, and gave it a happy feel that belied the worn equipment and missing swings. A place that deserves some repair and upkeep, especially since it's so prime for a picnic and play combination.
Overall rating: 5


  1. We have a huge renovation starting October 2011. New playground equipment, new lighting and a renovated basketball court are just some of the features. visit www.dickinsonsquare.org for more information.

  2. Dickinson square park is the best! We have been taking our son here since he was crawling - he loved it then, and still loves it now. They have movie nights in the park, a new farmers market, halloween activities... definitely check out the park website for events!

  3. Also, they have the bucket swings back now!