Sunday, November 22, 2009

A tiny playspace: 10th & Mt. Vernon

Playground: "10th & Lemon" (rec center?)
Location: In the middle of the block just W of 10th, gates on Mt. Vernon and Lemon (a tiny street)
Date visited: 11/18/09

Equipment: Two zones separated by a low stone wall (fun to walk along):
  • The tot zone has a very low playset with a single plastic slide and a chain of monkey bars. One plus was an unusual climbing structure like the outside of a barrel (effect between a climbing wall and a ladder). Also two bucket swings in this zone.
  • Not really a full zone; a set of higher strap swings is accompanied by a single tall slide, maybe 15 feet tall, a free-standing nerve-challenger with a spiral metal descent.
Outside the seeming boundaries of the playground (on the N side) was a very cute shallow pool for water play, complete with colorful animals that must spray (a seal, duck, whale, and frog). This was, of course, turned off in November.

Material: modern resin and metal, a bit worn; scale: small.
Ages: toddler and brave older kids
Surface: rubbery around equipment, concrete elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 1
Water: Y
Other: Paved area, stone chess table, broken-down basketball court.
Access: dawn-dusk? (no gates)

Impressions: Tucked inside a small block, this playground would be easy to miss -- apparently for the city too. The basketball court is embarrassing to see, although the water pool and nearby murals are cheery. The play equipment was ok, but only for the littlest kids (our 21-month-old was not engaged by the playset, and not old/nervy enough for the big slide). No idea whether it gets much play; during our visit on a sunny fall afternoon, we had the place to ourselves.
Overall rating: 4

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