Monday, November 9, 2009

New site resource: Map of known playgrounds

Our fall has been horrible with some home contracting work and other distractions, so haven't been adding reviews here as fast as we'd like to. Meantime, are developing a really important resource: a map of all the playgrounds that we've been able to identify, whether from the Recreation Department website, other parents' recommendations, or our own reconaissance, whether or not we've visited them yet. (The version below is a small window onto the whole.) Have put "thought-bubble" markers on reviewed playgrounds, with links to our reviews, and marked all the rest (not quite complete as of posting, but soon) with small black icons, so that you can at least see what options might exist near you or near someplace you're headed. Will also get a link to this built into the blog header/sidebar in the next few days. Hope this is helpful!

View playgrounds in a larger map

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