Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climbing ribbon! (and it's called Chew!)

Playground: Chew
Location: 19th and Ellsworth (enter on Ellsworth)
Date visited: 11/25/09

Equipment: Nice small-tot set of equipment (4 sets of steps, 1 ladder, 2 slides, bridge, "lunch counter" underneath), 4 bucket swing, 4 strap swings, Decent but not-so-extensive equipment for older kids (3 ladders, 1 slide, quarter-barrel to climb up, monkey-bar rotating circles), Very cool "climbing ribbon" -- climbing wall in the shape of a quite twisty ribbon and very tall (maybe 10 feet tall?)
Ages: small-tot to 8ish, though climbing ribbon seems good for even up to high school
Surface: rubberized play surface
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: none
Other: baseball field (crummy looking), batting cage, pool, rec center
Access: rec center is open M-F 1-9:30; unknown if gate to playground is open at other times

Impressions: Main equipment is pretty nice and in decent shape, right about average in terms of size and variety. Climbing ribbon is quite cool, though probably only usable for older kids (maybe 5-year-olds with supervision?). Restricted hours also a significant downside. Unfortunate view of Washington Avenue (though a block away), but overall setting is fairly nice.
Overall rating: 7

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