Monday, June 17, 2013

Shuler: playground and athletic fields on the western edge of North Philly

Playground: Shuler Playground
Location: 27th btw. Clearwater and Indiana (just S of Allegheny Ave.)
Date visited: 3/17/13

  • 2 low space pods separated/joined by path/bridge
  • low playset with straight metal and curved plastic slides and extra climbing
  • 2 pelican hobby horses
  • 4 bucket swings
  • higher playset with 2 straight metal slides, solid bridge, miscellaneous climbing, fireman's pole
Ages: 1-8
Surface: rubbery/blacktop
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: N
Other: hopscotch, basketball, baseball, swimming pool, soccer/football field (?), recreation center
Access: 6 AM-10 PM

Impressions: Decent play equipment in decent shape with additional playspace, but nothing to draw visitors from outside the neighborhood (and seems like it would be hot on a sunny summer day).  Might or might not get traffic from the school across the street.
Overall rating: 7

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