Sunday, June 16, 2013

Amosland Park: an extensive playground just outside SW Philly

Playground: Amosland Park
Location: E. Amosland Rd. (between Winona and Cleveland, drive into park), in Norwood PA (just SW of SW Philadelphia)
Date visited: 4/21/13

  • Tall playset: 2 climbing walls, "iceberg" climbing steps, three bumpy/wavy slides and three spiral slides (all plastic), a solid bridge, and two curvy slides
  • Lower playset: four plastic slides (1 low, 2 taller straight, 1 tall wavy), shop window, lots of things under (to crank, etc.)
  • Old-fashioned merry-go-round
  • two bucket and six strap swings (high)
Ages: 1-11
Surface: wood chips
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: N
Other: picnic tables, baseball and soccer fields, lots of grass
Access: not gated, so presumably dawn to dusk

Impressions: A nice suburban recreation park, with tons of grassy fields surrounded by low houses and woods.  Lots of cheery kids of all ages on the sunny spring day of our visit.  Looks like the small building might offer concessions on hot days or during sporting events.  Shadeless, but nice for a spring or fall outing, maybe with a picnic.

Overall rating: 8

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