Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The most fun playground you'll never visit: Deritis

Playground: Deritis Playground
Location: Gray's Ave at Frazier
Date visited: 4/28/12

Equipment: Several pieces in close proximity:
  • A pair of little old-fashioned "space-ship" pods to climb up into, connected by an enclosed ramp for crawling.
  • A low playset with a straight metal and a curved plastic slide
  • Larger playset has curved monkey bars, a solid bridge, and two metal slides (one straight and one spiral)
  • Two bucket and two strap swings
material: modern resin & metal; scale of space: smallish
Surface: rubbery
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: N
Other: basketball court, random fenced blacktop area, small grassy stretches
Access: (dawn to dusk? not sure)

Impressions: Decent equipment (our 4-year-old had a hoot), but limited scenery and out-of-the-way location means it's unlikely to offer much to anybody not living in the neighborhood. (Exception: train-lovers, as freight trains pass by in view.)
Overall rating: 7


  1. you're kidding?

  2. Not sure what you're questioning -- that it's fun or that it's really in the middle of nowhere. Both seemed true to us...