Monday, May 28, 2012

A gem way out West: Rose Recreation Center

Playground: Rose Recreation Center
Location: 75th & Lansdowne (park on 75th @ base of hill/path just past bus stop, even though not marked as OK -- otherwise you need to park a block or two away)
Date visited: 5/19/12

  • Small-kids' zone has 4-person teeter-totter, 4 bucket swings, a low ribbon climbing wall, mixed climbing, double wavy plastic slides, a lower straight metal slide, toddler-height monkey bars, and a periscope
  • Big-kids' zone has 4 strap swings, a tall "spaceship" climbing zone, a large playset with rope climbing net, miscellaneous climbing, solid (open) bridge, and two slides (one medium straight metal, one high plastic spiral); and a novel spinning zone, with two spinning platforms with spinning hanging "bars" overhead for mixed stand/hang dizziness.
Ages: 1-10
Surface: rubbery/woodchips/grass
Shade(0-3): 1 for small kids' zone, 3 for big kids' zone
Water: N
Other: grassy hill, rec center, two basketball courts (one maybe just for leagues, as no nets mounted on visit and seemed fancier), baseball field
Access: open

Impressions: This playground is walkable from nearby neighborhoods but hard to park near (at least until you know the locals' trick to park in the unmarked spots just after the bus stop on 75th).  However, despite proximity to large busy roads, it feels pleasantly woodsy, and even on a hot day the larger-kid area is shady and cool.  There's a nice mix of classic and modern play offerings, and lots of grass for picnic possibilities.  The only complaint we had is that it could use more attentive trash pick-up service!
Overall rating: 9

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