Thursday, March 15, 2012

Penn Treaty Park -- a unique riverside locale

Playground: Penn Treaty Park
Location: Beach St., just off Delaware Ave. at Marlborough (has its own parking lot)
Date visited: Feb. 26, 2012
  • 1 playset loosely modeled on a train engine, with slanted "cow-catcher" ladders, a crawl-through tunnel, 1 wide straight slide that ends too far off the ground, 1 curved slide
  • 4 strap swings, 4 bucket swings
  • narrow curved balance beam
Ages: 1-6
Surface: wood chips and dirt
Shade(0-3): 3
Water: N
Other: riverside park, paved trails, grass, picnic tables, views of city, river (and, ahem, gigantic abandoned Peco plant)
Access: No gates or fences, presumably officially closed after dark

Impressions: A nice area for a visit -- views of the river, Ben Franklin Bridge, and city skyline add to the grassy city park. Play area is limited and graffitied but otherwise in good shape and surrounded by mature tress that promise a respite in hot weather. Uniqueness of the setting should make up for the mild limitation in the equipment, at least if your kid is up for some inventive outdoor play.
Overall rating: 6 (as a playground, higher as a setting)

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