Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liberty Lands: multifaceted Northern Liberties park

Playground: Liberty Lands
Location: 3rd St, between Poplar and Wildey
Date visited: Feb. 26, 2012
  • Larger playset has lots of climbing, jointed bridge, low straight slide, tall (8 ft?) spiral slide, monkey bars, chain rope net
  • Smaller playset has wide straight slide, chimes, shop window
  • Truck playset
  • Old-fashioned metal dome jungle gym
  • Small children's garden
  • 2 bucket and 2 strap swings
Ages: 1.5-11
Surface: wood chips
Shade(0-3): 1-2
Water: N
Other: grassy areas with windy brick paths, dog run, picnic tables, cement area with game zones painted, community garden
Access: Open (so presumably dawn to dusk)

Impressions: Cute grassy park looks like a beloved neighborhood resource with inviting picnic and run-around spaces. Nice mix of equipment for a range of ages would make for a pleasant family outing. Also a nice historical mural with 3D elements.
Overall rating: 8

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