Thursday, September 23, 2010

Outskirts of Temple I: Dendy Recreation Center

Playground: Marie Dendy rec. center playground
Location: 10th between Jefferson and Oxford
Date visited: 8/28/10

Equipment: One continuous zone with several play structures:
  1. A freestanding metal slide, around 4ft. high
  2. A large playset with lots of climbing bits and one tall (6-ft) metal slide
  3. A small playset (platforms around 3ft. tall) with several types of climbing and two plastic slides -- one wide and straight, the other curved
  4. A neat sculpture with three sleek metal dolphins (good for young climbers) circling a central structure (somewhat vertebral in appearance) -- could be a fountain/sprayer, but not contained in any sort of pool, so might or might not be functional
  5. A swing set with space for 4 swings, but only 1 bucket was present at time of visit (other spaces empty)
Ages: 1-7
Surface: rubbery around equipment; blacktop elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 2
Water: ?
Other: basketball (lots), grassy field with baseball diamond(s), rec. center building, pool, tennis courts with no nets, blacktop areas (hopscotch squares)
Access: not posted (= dawn to dusk?)

Impressions: Serviceable equipment in a pleasant shady space with varied space for play and meandering. Lack of swings a definite minus, cute sculpture and possible water a plus. Little kids might enjoy the dolphins. Space could hold a lot of activity, but nobody was there on a pleasant Sunday morning; still, seems a great neighborhood resource.
Overall rating: 6

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