Sunday, September 26, 2010

First visit to near Northeast: Vogt Playground

Playground: Vogt
Location: Unruh Ave., just north of Cottage St.
Date visited: 9/22/10

Equipment: Large jungle gym (5 ladders, steps, turning slide, regular slide, monkey bars), small jungle gym (4 ladders, 2 steps, 3 slides), 4 strap swings (tall), 4 bucket swings, 2 rocking animals (old), 2 space-pods connected by bridge, hopscotch
Ages: 1-8
Surface: rubbery around play equipment, cement elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 1
Water: None
Other: Rec Center, many playing fields
Access: Could be gated, hours unknown

Impressions: Fairly big playground, among an enormous complex of playing fields. Ambience is quite nice, with central benches under trees. Equipment in decent shape (though not super-new) and fairly well maintained (though hanging bar above one slide was coated with gooey bubble gum -- yuck).
Overall rating: 7

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