Friday, March 22, 2013

Sturgis Playground: a great Oak Lane space with too little playground

Playground: Helen Sturgis playground
Location: W 65th Ave and 2nd St.
Date visited: 6/16/12

  • Small playset with miscellaneous climbing, fireman's pole, straight metal slide (wide) and pair of plastic slides.  Room for 5 bucket slides but all missing
  • Medium playset with miscellaneous climbing and 1 tall wavy plastic slide, solid bridge, 3 tic-tac-toe games, and 3 strap swings (plus space for one more but not even chains present)
Ages: 1-7
Surface: rubbery surrounded by blacktop
Shade(0-3): 3 (very shady)
Water: Maybe?  Sprinkler seemed to be present, but drain clogged when visited so it was just a swamp  
Other: lots of grass with mature trees, basketball, small rec center, baseball and/or football?, soccer  
Access: 6 AM-10 PM

Impressions: Lovely shaded setting surrounded by tree-filled lawn and athletic fields, in a tidy and attractive neighborhood, so it deserves better than its current underwhelming play offerings.  The area designed for older kids offers nothing for anybody over 6 or 7 (despite it being posted as for ages 5-12), and has empty space where a couple of newer pieces could easily change that.  The little kid zone has no swings and a swamp of broken sprinkler space (which also needs a surrounding wall), although the playset there is adequate.  A playground in need of Councilmanic attention!  (or local school partner...)

Overall rating: 4

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