Friday, September 7, 2012

Things to do and watch: Carmella

Playground: Carmella
Location: Wakeling between Torresdale and Worth
Date visited: 9/1/12

Equipment: A couple of zones, within sight of each other:
  • Smaller playset has two solid bridges, 2 straight and 1 spiral slide (all plastic), misc. climbing. There's also a firetruck-shaped climbing toy with a small metal slide and miniature monkey bars.
  • The bigger playset has several tube ladders, multilevel platforms, a winding stretch of monkey bars, a wide straight metal slide, spiral plastic slide, and a "bottomless" bar slide (slightly out of shape). Also a set of swings here, 4 bucket and 4 strap.
  • A colorful circle contains several large metal elephants that spray water, on during our visit.
Ages: 1-9
Surface: rubbery/cement
Shade(0-3): 1 (small), 0 (large)
Water: Y
Other: large grassy field (probably several baseball and football grids), basketball, rec. center, skateboard park
Access: open (dawn to dusk?)

Impressions: Nice large open space, if not super-aesthetic. Skate-park (watchable from the shade) and elephant sprayers are particularly nice bonuses. Equipment not in super shape (anti-graffitti blue), but a nice range of offerings.
Overall rating: 7

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