Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A tiny play outpost in a large civic green: Marconi Plaza NW

Playground: "Marconi Plaza NW" (no offical name)
Location: Oregon & Moyamensing
Date visited: 12/24/11

Equipment: Several pieces in close proximity (enclosed in a low fence):
  1. An old-fashioned geometric dome metal jungle gym, bars spaced widely enough to be only for bigger kids
  2. Swings = 3 strap (outside fence) and 4 bucket (inside)
  3. A small modern playset with hanging bars, a stretch of straight monkey bars, and three plastic slides (2 straight and 1 spiral)
Ages: 1-11
Surface: rubbery around equipment; grass elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 0
Water: N
Other: park
Access: not posted (= dawn to dusk?)

Impressions: Large formal park with lots of trees, but unfortunately located spanning Broad Street and up against busy Oregon and Moyamensing (especially the corner where this equipment is). Park is probably nice in warmer weather, but this northerly playground (there's another in the SE corner of the park, across Broad) feels a little bleak. Bigger kids would probably enjoy the jungle gym if they don't mind the backdrop of constant traffic.
Overall rating: 6

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