Friday, November 4, 2011

Hissey Center: zone for the smaller set in Kensington

Playground: Hissey Center
Location: Indiana Ave. & Budinot St.
Date visited: 10/1/11

  • Medium-height small platform with straight metal slide and several ladders
  • Several cement climbing animals ranging from a foot-high turtle (perfect for crawlers) to a standing turtle, and sitting elephant & camel
  • Four bucket swings
  • Higher playset with miscellaneous climbing and 1 tall straight metal slide
  • Several large zones of rubbery surface with no equipment (maybe used to have 1 set of swings and 1 other piece?)
material: modern res/metal; scale: large
Ages: 0-7
Surface: rubbery, separated by blacktop
Shade(0-3): 2
Water: N
Other: basketball, baseball field (?) and extra grass, extra blacktop
Access: (not posted)

Impressions: Nicely shaded playground looks a little forgotten--missing equipment makes you think less of the small pieces that remain. In fact, what's here is probably pretty good for the smallest set (especially toddlers), although some broken glass may keep crawlers from playing at liberty here.
Overall rating: 5


  1. I found that this was a great resource while working on a small project for the city gov, thank you!

    1. Do you mind me asking what the project was for?

  2. Missionaries and volunteers from The Rock Ministries located on Kensington Avenue cleaned this park earlier today. There was a lot of trash, broken glass and a few needles. There is going to be VBS (Vacation Bible School) taking place for the kids in the neighborhood starting Monday July 16-Thursday July 19th 2012 from 1pm-3pm. I am happy about this opportunity for the children, but I pray that the city recognizes the importance of a safer and cleaner environment for the little ones.