Thursday, September 22, 2011

A local Northwest favorite: Cloverly Park

Playground: Cloverly Park
Location: Wissahickon at School House Lane
Date visited: 9/3/11

Equipment: Several pieces in a quadrant of the park:
  • Swings: 4 bucket (well shaded) and 4 strap
  • A stegosaurus playset for tots, comprising 2 straight plastic slides, misc. easier climbing, and playspace/tunnels underneath
  • A larger playset has a long curved stretch of monkey bars, a zip line, two medium bumpy and one high curved slides (all plastic), a "bottomless" rail slide, and good climbing
  • A little toddler-sized table and chairs, not permanent but clearly long-time residents, were right nearby
material: modern resin/metal; scale: medium space
Ages: 1-12
Surface: woodchips around equipment; grass elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 2
Water: N
Other: picnic table, large grassy area, mature trees (some of which seem climbable by older kids)
Access: open park (dawn to dusk?)

Impressions: Small, well-kept neighborhood park with lots of soft grass and a mix of beautiful mature trees (some of which sparked our climbing urges, to no avail) and scattered flower gardens. Deceptively simple equipment is in fact well chosen, with offerings for a range of ages. A good place for a picnic and/or a leisurely afternoon...
Overall rating: 8-9

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