Thursday, July 7, 2011

A magical hidden playspace: Greenfield School

Playground: Greenfield School play yard
Location: Sansom between 22nd and 23rd (entrances on all 3 streets)
Date visited: 7/2/11

Equipment: A number of separate pieces and features scattered around the space:
  • A metal "rope net" climbing feature
  • Two freestanding spinning platforms (for sitting or standing)
  • A "zip line" sliding ring
  • Several random manmade hillocks for climbing and clambering
  • Large playset with miscellaneous climbing (a range of challenges), low curved and high spiral plastic slides, a solid bridge, fire pole, and curved stretch of "monkey bar" rings
  • A freestanding cylindrical jungle gym
material: modern, or as described; scale: several zones in a medium (half-block) space
Ages: 1-11?
Surface: rubbery or blacktop
Shade(0-3): 1
Water: N
Other: Smallish basketball net and half court, various painted games and other features on the blacktop spaces
Access: Not posted, no gates

Impressions: Recently renovated school yard has a creative mix of challenges landscaped into a colorful and inviting terrain of rubbery hills (enchanting to our 3.5-year-old), wandering paths, garden plantings, and interspersed trees (established and new). Many of the latest gizmos, in good shape, out of sight of the traffic -- lack of swings is the one surprising omission here, especially for those with younger tots in tow.
Overall rating: 8

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  1. Thank you! As designers for the playground, we are delighted to find you are delighted. Regards, Viridian Landscape Studio
    p.s. It is also an alternative stormwater management system funded by PWD and touted by the EPA!