Friday, October 2, 2009

Cheesesteak Central: Capitolo Playground

Playground: Capitolo
Location: 900 Federal St (South Philadelphia)
Date visited: Sep. 22, 2009

Equipment: 2 sets of apparatus, one for toddlers (climbable even for crawlers, two slides, longish bridge with 90-degree turn) and one for slightly older kids (several slides including a one spiral and one with moguls, and several climbing access points). 8 swings (4 bucket and 4 strap). 1 sprinkler. 2 riding-animals on springs
Ages: toddlers, maybe up to early elementary age?
Surface: rubberized around the aparatus, sidewalk elsewhere
Shade(0-3): 2 (fair collection of small trees around the whole area)
Water: Y -- one tall-ish sprinker (not operating when visited)
Other: extensive rec. center facilities, with fields and courts, etc.
Access: several blocks south of Washington Ave. on 9th St, also close to 47 bus line

Impressions: Playground is fairly big and a part of a block-sized recreational complex including a large baseball field and a community center. Oh, and did I mention that it's DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM GENO'S STEAKS? It's quite an odd experience sitting in a playground with an intense odor of cheesesteaks surrounding you. Apart from that, it's quite a nice environment. The main equipment itself is fairly standard and a bit underwhelming for older kids, but everything is in decent shape, there are ample swings, and even a few small extras (ride-on animals, sprinkler). Plus, you're a block from a cute cafe at 8th and Wharton (shameless plug).
Overall rating: 6

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