Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colorful but exposed: Palumbo playground

Playground: Palumbo
Location:10th & Fitzwater (usually enter through the rec center on 10th, but sometimes the gate on Fitzwater is open too)
Date visited: 8/26/09

Equipment: Two different structures in close proximity, one labelled "2-5" with stairs, a solid bridge, and two slides, the other labelled "5-8" has taller sections, longer slides (including a twisty one), and climbing bars. There are also two sets of swings (bucket and strap) and a spinning seat.
material: modern resin, but with metal slides; scale: small fenced space
Ages: 1-6?
Surface: spongy composite, but cut into tiles that are separating a bit
Shade(0-3): 0 (a little in late afternoon)
Water: N
Other: playing fields (softball? soccer?) nearby, rec center, bathrooms
Access: 1:30 - 10p in summer (the rec center is definitely closed in the mornings year 'round)

Impressions: The equipment here is colorful and enticing, and has some creative elements -- our toddler enjoys playing there. However, it feels really exposed to the sun in summer months, which means everybody and everything gets hot fast, and the space is tight enough that it can't handle a horde. Also, the hours are restricted and variable by season, although some daycare groups appear to have it figured out. On the plus side, the delightful Morning Glory Cafe is right across the street, which makes it well placed as a combination with late lunch.
Overall rating: 7

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